The Truth Shall Set You Free….But Who Is Going To Free The Truth?

Mythomania, pseudologia fantastica, pathologic lying are all psychological terms loosely defined as a condition wherein a person lies compulsively to the point that he believes his own lies. We in the U.S. are now witnessing a form of this disorder which is affecting millions of people around the world who are witnessing the political warfare that is threatening to divide this country to a degree that has not been seen since the civil war. It is a pandemic in and of itself. People afflicted with this condition can no longer accept the truth even when it is in plain site for all to see or hear who have the capacity to do. Instead, these individuals pick and choose words and settings to create a narrative they can believe in and defend even in the face of reality. It is indeed pathological even though there may not be a well defined DSM-5 code for it as yet. Let me give you some examples of this disorder.

Here are just a few:

Recall the images of “children in cages” that were all the rage heading into summer 2018, passed off as demonstrable proof that the Trump administration was taking a needlessly callous hard line in locking up illegal immigrants. Those photos ended up being from 2014 when Obama was president.

After George Floyd’s tragic death, the “main stream media” suggested that President Trump refused to address the situation. In fact Trump ordered FBI and Justice Department officials to conduct an expedited investigation into the matter. This got no attention at all. Then the looting and violence that occured in Minneapolis, Washington D.C., and elsewhere was all blamed on Trump whereas in reality this mayhem was just an excuse for ANTFA and the radical elements of BLM to run amuck.

Liberal political commentators claimed that President Trump, calling himself the “president of law and order,” was a race baiting tactic that would incite more violence. Yet honest, hard working people in crime ridden areas actually want “law and order” and not anarchy.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, never said there were “fine” Nazis or Ku Klux Klansmen. The democrats have attempted to label Trump (and supporters of Trump) as racists. Where is the evidence for Trump being a racist? There is none. In fact, Trump has innumerable supports from all racial backgrounds. With the last election Trump’s supporters were all labeled as “deplorables” according to Hillary Clinton. Now I guess they are all labeled as “racists,” and nothing could be further from the truth.

And what about the claim by the left that he is anti-semitic? That also seems pretty outrageous given the fact that he moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Furthermore, his son in law and grandchildren are Jewish, and his daughter converted to Judaism so it seems highly unlikely that he would be anti semitic toward his own family.

What about the Russia-Trump collusion and the Mueller investigation? That whole debacle was based on a lie that Hillary Clinton and her cohorts perpetuated on the American people. I guess that is to be forgotten about along with the millions of dollars wasted on the Mueller Investigation.

The list of lies could go on and on ……

When almost all of the the nation’s media lies and supports the lies of one of the two major political parties in this country, it’s really hard for the average citizen to learn the truth unless he or she makes a real effort to do so. It’s really so easy to be bamboozled by the left wing media working in concert with the current democratic party. Sorry to sound so political here, but this grotesque lying emanating from the left and its news outlets really is pathological to the point where the liars are believing their own lies hence the terms referred to above “mythomania”, or “pseudologia fantastica.” The truth can make you free, but only when the truth is freed.

2 thoughts on “The Truth Shall Set You Free….But Who Is Going To Free The Truth?

    1. Thanks, Lisa.

      I’m now listening to the senate hearings about Amy Coney Barrett. I hear the Democrats repeating once again all the lies they have been using to try to convince us of their “truth.” For example, the Republicans want to “eliminate pre-existing conditions” which is absolutely false. Another example, “Trump is racist,” an absolute falsehood. He has condemned racism of all kinds over and over. A further example, “millions will lose their health care” if Barrett is on the Supreme Court. Another falsehood. Justices do not make the laws. The Senate does. Furthermore, eliminating or modifying the ACA does not mean people will lose their insurance or that pre-existing medical conditions will be problematic. The Republicans have reaffirmed over and over again that this will not be the case. The Democrats believe that if you tell a lie often enough, it will be believed as truth.

      The Democrats are making this nomination a political arena to gain change public opinion based on their lies. THEY ARE USING THIS NOMINATION AS A PLATFORM for pure partisan politics. They are using it as an opportunity to attack this president. The Republicans need to take a lesson from this. Attack the Democrats as they are attaching the You. Call out their lies. Expose their hypocrisy. If need be, use this nomination as a political platform for attack just as the they are now doing. Get down in the trenches as the Democrats are doing. Unfortunately, taking the high road does not seem to work when dealing with the Democrats. The Republicans should follow the esteemed Democrat Eric Holder’s advice, “when they go low, we kick them.” The Republicans need to learn how to do this.


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