Blindness In The USA

When seeing is not believing……

To quote Martin Luther King Jr., “Seeing is not always believing.” The results of last last election in November strain the belief that we as citizens participated in a truly democratic process. Instead it appears that we as a nation have become the unwitting victims of an attempted coup by malevolent forces that we are just beginning to learn about thanks to the heroic efforts of attorneys and others across the country who have had the courage to expose the truth about a stolen election. Yes, it’s hard to realize that such a thing could happen in the good old U.S. of A because we are all taught to believe from a young age that things like stolen elections do not happen in this country. We as a nation are supposed to be that “shining light” amongst all nations of the world where things like that just do not happen. This belief has been so ingrained in most of us that many of us just cannot accept that anything otherwise could happen. Consequently, many of us have become blinded to the reality that this election was anything but honest. Here are just a few examples of where a blind eye has been turned, and this blindness seems to have affected so many of us in an epidemic fashion.

  • Unsolicited Mail in Ballots in so many states where there was no signature verification; where dead people received ballots; where the number of ballots received exceeded the population of the voting district; where ballot harvesting is shown to have occurred.
  • Only citizens are permitted to vote in national elections; however, many states really do not check for citizenship but simply ask if you are a citizen.
  • Polling monitors being prevented by local authorities from viewing the ballots for authenticity even when a court order has been invoked to allow poll monitors to do exactly that. For this there is really no excuse. This was simple bullying.
  • Very troubling issues about the security and validity of the Dominion/Smartmatic voting systems wherein there are experts in cyberwarfare and security who have stated that vote tampering did in fact occur with this system.
  • There is much more evidence to show that this election was stolen if anyone really cares to investigate, but sometimes when you are blind to the truth nothing can sway you as appears to be the case with so many people now.

The details are there for the taking for those really interested in the truth. However, brain washing has a way of preventing one from seeing the truth, and the main stream media has been the primary brain laundry for years scrubbing away at the truth.

This is a time when Justice should not be blind.…..

Justice Should Not Always Be Blind

If there was ever a time when Justice should not be blind, it is now. This election, if necessary, should be brought to the Supreme Court of this country. This is not the time for the Supreme Court to turn a blind eye to the problems inherent with this last election. If the state legislatures in the contested states of this election are incapable of doing their constitutional duty, which is to select the electors who go to the electoral college when the election in their states has been compromised, then it is incumbent upon the Supreme Court to step in to remedy the situation by declaring the election in those states, if not all the states, to have been compromised and therefor invalid. The election may then have to go to the House of Representatives for a vote a whereby each state has one vote regarding the Presidency and Vice Presidency. I don’t claim to be a constitutional lawyer, just a physician, so my understanding of the process may be a bit faulty. However, I can recognize blindness when I see it, and one has to be blind not to see that there have been fundamental problems with this national vote; that we as a country are fast losing that “shining light” that made us the greatest nation on earth; and that if we don’t correct the mistakes, if not outright crimes, of this election we will have lost the greatness of this country which made us the envy of the world.