Mind Control

Well, the socialists have won this round. They have successfully cheated their way to the Presidency of the United States of America, or perhaps more aptly re-named at this point the Banana States of America. Maybe cheating their way to winning this election is not really the best way to describe what happened to this country because what happened to us as a country is still on going and long preceded the election. To be sure there was a lot of cheating going on and it more than likely continued even through this recent Georgia Senatorial election. The cheating may not have been proven to the satisfaction of many of us in the Banana States of America, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. To be fair a valiant effort was made by the supporters of the President to prove this, but how can you convince a nation that an election was stolen when most of the mainstream media tells them it isn’t so especially when most of the judges in our legal system refused to even hear the evidence. If you followed the trail the evidence was there, but it was largely ignored. Had it not been ignored, but instead thoroughly reviewed in the courts as it should have been we as a country might still be the United States of America instead of the Banana States of America.

More importantly in the long run is the fact that the media including most of the news networks and social media platforms have become the most powerful entities in the country….really in the world. They can control the destiny of an election with a flick of a switch by controlling what we see and what we hear. They have the power to tell the truth or withhold it. They can control how you think about a candidate or his/her platform. They can shine a light or leave you in the dark all at their discretion. The power that these super wealthy technocrats and oligarchs wield is enormous, and they are so adept at it that most of us don’t even know that we are being controlled. Yes, indeed, it is a form of mind control or “brain washing” if you will. The term “brain washing” was first used by the journalist Edward Hunter to describe a technique used by the Communist Chinese in the Korean War to make people like poisoners of war cooperate with them, but it can more generally be applied to any technique designed to manipulate human thought or action. The Nazi also used the technique in World War II so it has a long history of being used as a type of warfare. Looking at what has happened to this country over the past four years I cannot help but wonder if the population of this country has been subjected to a very subtle type of “brain washing” or “mind control.” Of course those on the left side of the political spectrum in this country will no doubt say that it is the right that has been brought under the spell of the “orange man” and his henchman, but the facts indicate otherwise when seen in the cold light of day. Let’s look at just a few recent examples.

What happened this week in the Nation’s Capitol was indeed horrible, but to blame the events on President Trump is an unreasonable stretch of the imagination. What Trump called for was a “peaceful and patriotic protest” to use his own words. This is something guaranteed by the first amendment to the Constitution. Yet the hell fire of the left was let lose on Trump and all his supporters without even acknowledging some of the evidence that is now appearing indicating that ANTIFA elements were instigating riotous behavior. This is not to excuse by any means the violence that occurred, but maybe the source of the trouble really needs to be investigated before blame is placed. That would seem to be a reasonable thing to do. Instead the left has used this episode as a platform to create more animosity while declaring that the nation “needs to heal.” The hypocrisy of the left is unrivaled. By comparison one has to look at the BLM and ANTIFA activities early this year in places like Seattle, Minneapolis, New York and many other places which led to riots, destruction of property, injuries and even deaths. These episodes were labeled by many in the mainstream media as being “peaceful protests.” Just like the events in the Capitol last week were likely manipulated by instigators who wanted to provoke further unrest, I’m sure that the “peaceful protests” elsewhere earlier this past year were usurped by instigators who had a different agenda other than that of the peaceful elements of BLM whose complaints needed to be recognized and acted upon. But the left has seized on the events in the Capitol as an opportunity for a coup de grace to punish President Trump for his efforts to clean out the Washington Swamp and put the needs of the people who make this country great first. Those people don’t include the oligarchs, technocrats, autocrats and the super wealthy who have been belittling and suppressing the middle class upon which this country has been built for years.

So as part of this coup attempt on the left to destroy the independence and free thought of the middle class, we now see the the “one world” leftist lead by the elite of the world suppressing free thought and free speech lest more and more people begin to learn the truth about what is really happening here and around the world. Suppress free speech and suppress free thought, but do it subtly by casting blame on the others and by manipulating the facts without interference by the truth. That’s the way to accomplish these goals without even having the population realize they are being manipulated. It is a form of mind control or brain washing practiced by the elite who now run the most powerful companies in the world, those that control social media. A more horrifying thought, but one that is not with out significant merit is that as much as these technocrats and elitists think they have control perhaps the reality is that their control is really dwarfed by that of China. After all China, really the Communist Chinese Party (CCP), has learned to play this game very well. It blamed the coronavirus on the United States which was absolute nonsense. It allowed the virus to be spread throughout the world whether it was a naturally occurring virus or genetically engineered. It steals intellectual property with out a second thought. It is rapidly becoming the preeminent military and economic power in the world because we let them. Most importantly of all, the CCP has learned after many, many years how to brain wash and exert mind control because that is really how you control a population and win wars. It is not done with economic and military force alone. You need to have the power to control thinking and perception. This is what the left in this country has learned, and they are practicing it well perhaps under the mentorship of the CCP. Crush your opponent by casting blame on others. Create false narratives and hide your own crimes by getting the media to play along with you wittingly or unwittingly. We are now seeing this unfold in real time, and we as a nation may not be able to stop it. It may be too late unless some miracle occurs.