Mind Control

Well, the socialists have won this round. They have successfully cheated their way to the Presidency of the United States of America, or perhaps more aptly re-named at this point the Banana States of America. Maybe cheating their way to winning this election is not really the best way to describe what happened to this country because what happened to us as a country is still on going and long preceded the election. To be sure there was a lot of cheating going on and it more than likely continued even through this recent Georgia Senatorial election. The cheating may not have been proven to the satisfaction of many of us in the Banana States of America, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. To be fair a valiant effort was made by the supporters of the President to prove this, but how can you convince a nation that an election was stolen when most of the mainstream media tells them it isn’t so especially when most of the judges in our legal system refused to even hear the evidence. If you followed the trail the evidence was there, but it was largely ignored. Had it not been ignored, but instead thoroughly reviewed in the courts as it should have been we as a country might still be the United States of America instead of the Banana States of America.

More importantly in the long run is the fact that the media including most of the news networks and social media platforms have become the most powerful entities in the country….really in the world. They can control the destiny of an election with a flick of a switch by controlling what we see and what we hear. They have the power to tell the truth or withhold it. They can control how you think about a candidate or his/her platform. They can shine a light or leave you in the dark all at their discretion. The power that these super wealthy technocrats and oligarchs wield is enormous, and they are so adept at it that most of us don’t even know that we are being controlled. Yes, indeed, it is a form of mind control or “brain washing” if you will. The term “brain washing” was first used by the journalist Edward Hunter to describe a technique used by the Communist Chinese in the Korean War to make people like poisoners of war cooperate with them, but it can more generally be applied to any technique designed to manipulate human thought or action. The Nazi also used the technique in World War II so it has a long history of being used as a type of warfare. Looking at what has happened to this country over the past four years I cannot help but wonder if the population of this country has been subjected to a very subtle type of “brain washing” or “mind control.” Of course those on the left side of the political spectrum in this country will no doubt say that it is the right that has been brought under the spell of the “orange man” and his henchman, but the facts indicate otherwise when seen in the cold light of day. Let’s look at just a few recent examples.

What happened this week in the Nation’s Capitol was indeed horrible, but to blame the events on President Trump is an unreasonable stretch of the imagination. What Trump called for was a “peaceful and patriotic protest” to use his own words. This is something guaranteed by the first amendment to the Constitution. Yet the hell fire of the left was let lose on Trump and all his supporters without even acknowledging some of the evidence that is now appearing indicating that ANTIFA elements were instigating riotous behavior. This is not to excuse by any means the violence that occurred, but maybe the source of the trouble really needs to be investigated before blame is placed. That would seem to be a reasonable thing to do. Instead the left has used this episode as a platform to create more animosity while declaring that the nation “needs to heal.” The hypocrisy of the left is unrivaled. By comparison one has to look at the BLM and ANTIFA activities early this year in places like Seattle, Minneapolis, New York and many other places which led to riots, destruction of property, injuries and even deaths. These episodes were labeled by many in the mainstream media as being “peaceful protests.” Just like the events in the Capitol last week were likely manipulated by instigators who wanted to provoke further unrest, I’m sure that the “peaceful protests” elsewhere earlier this past year were usurped by instigators who had a different agenda other than that of the peaceful elements of BLM whose complaints needed to be recognized and acted upon. But the left has seized on the events in the Capitol as an opportunity for a coup de grace to punish President Trump for his efforts to clean out the Washington Swamp and put the needs of the people who make this country great first. Those people don’t include the oligarchs, technocrats, autocrats and the super wealthy who have been belittling and suppressing the middle class upon which this country has been built for years.

So as part of this coup attempt on the left to destroy the independence and free thought of the middle class, we now see the the “one world” leftist lead by the elite of the world suppressing free thought and free speech lest more and more people begin to learn the truth about what is really happening here and around the world. Suppress free speech and suppress free thought, but do it subtly by casting blame on the others and by manipulating the facts without interference by the truth. That’s the way to accomplish these goals without even having the population realize they are being manipulated. It is a form of mind control or brain washing practiced by the elite who now run the most powerful companies in the world, those that control social media. A more horrifying thought, but one that is not with out significant merit is that as much as these technocrats and elitists think they have control perhaps the reality is that their control is really dwarfed by that of China. After all China, really the Communist Chinese Party (CCP), has learned to play this game very well. It blamed the coronavirus on the United States which was absolute nonsense. It allowed the virus to be spread throughout the world whether it was a naturally occurring virus or genetically engineered. It steals intellectual property with out a second thought. It is rapidly becoming the preeminent military and economic power in the world because we let them. Most importantly of all, the CCP has learned after many, many years how to brain wash and exert mind control because that is really how you control a population and win wars. It is not done with economic and military force alone. You need to have the power to control thinking and perception. This is what the left in this country has learned, and they are practicing it well perhaps under the mentorship of the CCP. Crush your opponent by casting blame on others. Create false narratives and hide your own crimes by getting the media to play along with you wittingly or unwittingly. We are now seeing this unfold in real time, and we as a nation may not be able to stop it. It may be too late unless some miracle occurs.

American Democracy On Life Support

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, whether you voted for Trump or Harris (I think most people realize that Joe Biden is simply a placeholder), there is no doubt that our American democracy is on life support or close to it. There is a widespread infection that is now ravishing this country, and I’m not talking about the coronavirus as bad as that may be. The major evidence of this other infection is the rampant cheating and lying that has infiltrated into our election process throughout all levels of our democracy endangering the very life of our country as we know it.

Our Country in Jeopardy

Like any infection we have to look at the symptoms, and then we have to locate the source or sources of the infection in order to render a cure. Once we find the source of the infection and where it is located, we then have to take the steps necessary to treat and eradicate the infection.

In the case of our democracy and the “infection” that has afflicted it with corruption, the symptoms are the rampant incidents of illegal voter activity seemingly condoned in so many states with predominantly Democrat leadership. We see evidence of dead people voting in these states. We see people voting from out of state. We see voting machines switching votes. We see the cover up of illegal ballots. We see appointed pole watchers unable to validate votes as being legitimate, even though they have a legal right to do so, because local Democrat leaders won’t permit it which itself is a violation of the law. By the way, being 6 feet away from a ballot is the same as not seeing the ballot at all unless you have superhuman vision. The list of violations can go on and on just like a list of ever widening symptoms of corruption in an overwhelming infection of deceit that has infiltrated into our election process throughout all levels of our democracy.

Like any infection you have to look at the symptoms in order to locate the source or sources of the infection, in this case the corruption of our electoral process. Then you have to take the steps necessary to treat the infection in order to root out the corruption. In the case of our democracy and the electoral system by which we govern, the symptoms are all the rampant incidents if illegal voter activity or fraud.

These violations are often overlooked by the liberal media just like an inadequate physician might overlook the important signs and symptoms of a corrupting infection.

Another sign of systemic infection, not to be confused with systemic racism, is the overthrow of our democratic principals by a biased media which has absolutely no right to declare a winner in any statewide election. That is solely the right and responsibility of the state. So once again it’s like an infection taking over the organ it is infecting. The corrupt media is infecting the organ of the voting public and corrupting it. The examples of this progressive, rotting “infection” are numerous as I said before. Whether this “infection” is so severe that it will overcome our democracy is not clear because we have not yet determined it’s extent. In simple terms using the analogy of a good physician treating a very sick patient, we have to first find out the extent of the infection which the Republican party is attempting to do now. Then we have to take steps to treat the infection and prevent it from happening again. That means we have to find the source of the infection. How did things like the illegal ballots get into the system? Who was responsible for the illegal activity? We have to be proactive and take measures to prevent these things from happening again even if these measures mean taking these cases to the Supreme Court of the United States where these problems can be cured.

So whether Harris or Trump wins the presidential election, let’s let an old medial adage take sway; namely, “daylight is the best disinfectant.” Let’s shine a bright light on all the illegal or at least suspicious activity surrounding this election in order to disinfect this contaminated voting system while we still can so that we can save this democracy because if we don’t the patient will not survive.

Knowledge Is Power, But Who Determines What Knowledge Is?

No one has a monopoly on knowledge, or better stated no on should have a monopoly on knowledge. A real education should teach us how to think for ourselves. It should teach us how to evaluate information and come to our own conclusions and not those that are fed to us by others as irrefutable truths. That is the hallmark of a true education. Yet today’s media, by and large, wants to determine for us what is “true” and what is not. It tells us what we have to believe and what we should disbelieve instead of allowing us to evaluate information on our own. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, the so called “mainstream media,” or most newspapers and magazines, we the public are treated like children who must be spoon fed what others believe to be the truth because we are not capable of independent thought. There are some notable exceptions in the media to this dogmatic approach to knowledge, but they are few and far between. Instead, we are told what we are to believe, and God help us if we challenge the “authorities.” Our careers could be ruined. We could be ridiculed, ostracized or worse. We should be thankful for the independent thinkers in the history of mankind who had the fortitude to stand up against the rule of authority to speak their version of the truth. If not for such heros, we would still think that the earth was flat or that sun rotated around the earth.

Marble sculpture of Galileo Galilei contemplating the nature of the universe

Medical science, like any other science, can only advance when there is independent thought and when that independent thought challenges the conventional wisdom. Thought controllers like Twitter, Facebook, Google and other media giants exert enormous power on our thinking by limiting information, distorting information and literally persecuting any thoughts that they perceive as being erroneous or dangerous to the “group think” they espouse. They believe that we ordinary people are not capable of the independent evaluation of information. They determine who the “experts” are that we should listen to and obey. After all, they think we are not smart enough to make that determination. Instead of being platforms or formats for open discussion and thought, these media giants dare to presume that we cannot think for ourselves. They are convinced that we will be befuddled if we try to think independently or don’t follow their directives. Perhaps their reason for squashing our independent thought is more nefarious than that. Maybe it’s a method to be used to control us by taking away our power to think independently. As I said before knowledge is power, but even false knowledge can be powerful when it is presented as truth and efforts to refute it are thoroughly thwarted by the media. Furthermore, when that power is held by only a few people in the media, that power gets magnified. You are told what is right and what is wrong by the people in power, and who are you to question that? They are the only experts and their word is law. Sounds a little bit like fascism, doesn’t it?

I’ve Got My Own Mind

Let’s take a recent medical issue as a case in point that led me to this discussion. That is the recent censorship of Dr. Scott Atlas by Twitter because he dared to disagree with the conventional thought concerning masks espoused by the Dr. Fauci and others who are part of the medical/government complex. When I use the term “medical/government complex,” I am referring to medical and research personnel who have made working for the government their life long careers as well as the institutions that support them. Out of necessity these people and their institutions have learned more than a little about government politics and how to survive in that arena. That is not to say that these are bad people or unqualified for their positions. That is hardly the case. For example, Dr. Fauci is an eminent medical researcher with impeccable credentials who has worked for the government for many years and has had numerous scientists working under him. However, does that mean that Dr. Fauci has a complete monopoly on medical research and information? Is his the only truth that counts? Once again, I emphasize that is not how science works. Real science welcomes a diversity of opinion and discussion. Real science welcomes, or at least should welcome, an open and unbiased discussion of not only the facts but also the interpretation of those facts. So for a social commentary platform such as Twitter to ban the comments of someone like Dr. Atlas concerning the proper place for masks in this pandemic reeks of despotism. Dr. Atlas may disagree with Dr. Fauci and others concerning some aspects of mask use, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Dr. Atlas is wrong, or that others who agree with him are also wrong. Dr. Atlas’ credentials are impeccable also, and his thoughts should be respected even if you may disagree with them.

It is important to realize that while we are embroiled on a day to day basis with all the aspects dealing with this pandemic such as modes of transmission, treatment of the disease itself, the social implications, the international implications and so forth, it will be years before we really have a good understanding of this illness, how it got here and how to best treat it. So in time to come it may well be that our “experts” were wrong on a number of points.

In the meantime, it’s also important to keep in mind the problem that I alluded to before which may actually turn out to be an even greater problem in the long run than the SARS-CoV- 2 virus itself at least as far as our national political health as a democracy is concerned. That is the overwhelming power of thought control that the media and the technocrats wield. We experience it every day now when Twitter or Facebook block a feed that in their infinite wisdom they deem incorrect, or when Google buries a source that it thinks is wrong or simply doesn’t like. This is real power because knowledge is power and when you control the “knowledge,” whether it is accurate or not, you control the real power.

It’s high time for our democratic republic to take a stand to do the right thing concerning the dissemination of information. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Goggle should be just that….platforms for dissemination of information without prejudice. One of the first steps should be to reform section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which in essence allows these tech media giants to act as censors picking and choosing to post only those things that they deem accurate while blocking all others. Another recent example of this is Twitter’s blocking of the New York Post article about Hunter and Joe Biden without adequate explanation. Too much power resides in the hands of big tech media giants like Twitter and Facebook. So much of the news we hear and see today comes through portals such as these, and he who controls the portals controls the “knowledge” whether that knowledge is accurate or not. With that control comes almost unlimited power. The danger of this situation is self evident and needs to be corrected as soon as possible.