American Democracy On Life Support

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, whether you voted for Trump or Harris (I think most people realize that Joe Biden is simply a placeholder), there is no doubt that our American democracy is on life support or close to it. There is a widespread infection that is now ravishing this country, and I’m not talking about the coronavirus as bad as that may be. The major evidence of this other infection is the rampant cheating and lying that has infiltrated into our election process throughout all levels of our democracy endangering the very life of our country as we know it.

Our Country in Jeopardy

Like any infection we have to look at the symptoms, and then we have to locate the source or sources of the infection in order to render a cure. Once we find the source of the infection and where it is located, we then have to take the steps necessary to treat and eradicate the infection.

In the case of our democracy and the “infection” that has afflicted it with corruption, the symptoms are the rampant incidents of illegal voter activity seemingly condoned in so many states with predominantly Democrat leadership. We see evidence of dead people voting in these states. We see people voting from out of state. We see voting machines switching votes. We see the cover up of illegal ballots. We see appointed pole watchers unable to validate votes as being legitimate, even though they have a legal right to do so, because local Democrat leaders won’t permit it which itself is a violation of the law. By the way, being 6 feet away from a ballot is the same as not seeing the ballot at all unless you have superhuman vision. The list of violations can go on and on just like a list of ever widening symptoms of corruption in an overwhelming infection of deceit that has infiltrated into our election process throughout all levels of our democracy.

Like any infection you have to look at the symptoms in order to locate the source or sources of the infection, in this case the corruption of our electoral process. Then you have to take the steps necessary to treat the infection in order to root out the corruption. In the case of our democracy and the electoral system by which we govern, the symptoms are all the rampant incidents if illegal voter activity or fraud.

These violations are often overlooked by the liberal media just like an inadequate physician might overlook the important signs and symptoms of a corrupting infection.

Another sign of systemic infection, not to be confused with systemic racism, is the overthrow of our democratic principals by a biased media which has absolutely no right to declare a winner in any statewide election. That is solely the right and responsibility of the state. So once again it’s like an infection taking over the organ it is infecting. The corrupt media is infecting the organ of the voting public and corrupting it. The examples of this progressive, rotting “infection” are numerous as I said before. Whether this “infection” is so severe that it will overcome our democracy is not clear because we have not yet determined it’s extent. In simple terms using the analogy of a good physician treating a very sick patient, we have to first find out the extent of the infection which the Republican party is attempting to do now. Then we have to take steps to treat the infection and prevent it from happening again. That means we have to find the source of the infection. How did things like the illegal ballots get into the system? Who was responsible for the illegal activity? We have to be proactive and take measures to prevent these things from happening again even if these measures mean taking these cases to the Supreme Court of the United States where these problems can be cured.

So whether Harris or Trump wins the presidential election, let’s let an old medial adage take sway; namely, “daylight is the best disinfectant.” Let’s shine a bright light on all the illegal or at least suspicious activity surrounding this election in order to disinfect this contaminated voting system while we still can so that we can save this democracy because if we don’t the patient will not survive.