National Psychosis—A New Epidemic

I’m not a psychiatrist, but it strikes me as a physician that we may be dealing with a somewhat unique type of psychosis in the U.S. characterized by widespread delusion shared among large numbers of people. There are precedents of shared delusion disorder (SDD, ICD 10 code f24), but when it occurs it is usually in a small number of people such as between two people who are in a close relationship. The French term for this is “folie a deux” which translated loosely means “madness for two.” Occasionally it can include larger groups such as a family in which case the term “folie a famille” has been used, “family madness.”

However, now we appear to be witnessing the evolution of a new delusional or psychotic disorder involving huge numbers of people who in their delusional state believe that their home country, the United States of America, is a monstrous place rife with hatred, bigotry, injustice, and evil. All of which characteristics they paradoxically have assumed onto themselves. One might believe that this mass delusional state is an extension of the previously described “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” but it is far more serious than that disorder often manifesting itself in violent and destructive ways including the burning of buildings, destruction of businesses, savage beatings, and even murder. These activities are often portrayed by their perpetrators and by those who propagate their delusions as justifiable and righteous acts which should be condoned and praised by all in the U.S. even those who do not agree with them and those who have been tormented by them. Destruction of society as we know it seems to be the goal.

To make matters worse from a sociological and psychiatric point of view, this delusional disorder seems to have spread to many of our political leaders in an epidemic fashion the consequences of which in the long run may be far worse than that of the Covid-19 epidemic. Yet the origins of this epidemic may not have stemmed directly from the general population of our citizens and spread upward to the leadership. Rather it seems more likely that the origins of this disorder can be traced to many of our politicians who have completely lost the ability to discern truth from falsehood. These political “leaders” have become very adept at developing their own alternate reality which they then feed to their followers as truth that cannot be denied or refuted. The term “liberalism” has now developed a new meaning much more akin to that of “fascism” since alternative thought and speech is prohibited by the new liberals who are replacing the old guard of the Democratic Party. Groupthink takes over in this new environment, and the mob absorbs a unifying mentality seeing only the “reality” that they are being fed by leadership who have usurped individual freedom of thought. Think differently from the new fascists and run the risk of being assaulted verbally if not physically. That’s why we see many of our so called “leaders” on the left ignoring the violence and mayhem that they intentionally or unintentionally provoked all over the country. They have lost control of the situation, and they don’t know what to do about it. They can’t put out the fire.

Their position in the new social framework they were trying to create has been usurped by anarchists like ANTIFA and the fringe elements of Black Lives Matter. The old guard of socialist ideology is befuddled now and does not know how to gain back control of the social monster they have created. So they try to convince the rest of us that the protests are peaceful when we see rioting, looting, mayhem and worse. We are told not to believe our eyes. They have no way of dealing with the monster they created except to say that it doesn’t exist. We see this in the media all the time now as a blatant display of denial, deflection, downright lying and perversion of the truth. For example, we are told that saying “all lives matter” is wrong and somehow a demonstration of racial prejudice and bigotry when in fact it is just the opposite. It is a statement of equality. What could be a greater statement about equality than valuing all life equally? It is madness not to realize this.

Welcome to Thunderdome

These posts usually have to do with health issues that may affect all of us and are not really politically oriented, and to preface the following comments neither is this post politically oriented per se.  However, the concept of defunding or disbanding the police departments of American cities will inevitably have effects on the physical and mental health of our country and its citizens.

Let’s take a look at what this really means and more importantly let’s take a look at what may be the real motive behind this. “Defund the Police” is the new war cry of the liberal left or more specifically the anarchist groups like ANTIFA and others, but take a moment and think about this “social change” from their perspective.  These groups are not just stupid rabble rousers. Far from that they are compulsively driven, calculating and manipulative.  These leftist groups know that their communities will need policing.  It is inevitable.  After all, who is going to protect them when one of their own begins to steal, rape or murder? What these groups really want is to police their own neighbors with their own enforcers and their own court systems all controlled by their own oligarchy of  “leaders” who will likely drive their power through intimidation and fear. They do not want any interference from a centralized government whatsoever unless they ultimately become the centralized government. What they want is a tribalized society with the loudest and strongest amongst them becoming the leaders who will meet out justice as they see fit. Welcome to the World of Mad Max and Thunderdome where might makes right and the weak are left unprotected. Europe’s “no go zones,” in which militant Muslims have total control of some areas where even the police fear to venture, may have been the models for this concept.  As much as this type of a take over may appear to be unlikely it has already happened in some of the large cities of Europe.  Even Angela Merkel, Chancellor of  Germany has acknowledged these changes.

In essence these anarchists in our own country want their own countries within the U.S. Once they’ve grown sufficiently strong enough through intimidation and fear they will want to establish their own form of government which will not be a democracy but rather an oligarchy controlled by people with absolute power.  In the meantime they want the financial support of the federal government of the U.S. without any responsibility to the federal government. It’s a little like paying for the bullet that kills you.

As I said before, these posts usually have to do with medical issues, but in the broader context, this idea of “defunding” or eliminating the police departments around the country will have obviously have effects on our physical  and mental health. Imagine a world where you have no choice and no control as an individual…where your every thought and decision about mandated by a mob. How could this possibly be healthy?